Statement of Purpose

The Multimedia Resource Center brings together educational materials, information, tutorials and links for those persons who have an interest in the creative and scholarly uses of emerging multimedia technologies.

The Center recognizes the rapidly changing and expanding uses of multimedia and instruction of multimedia technologies within the educational community. This site will promote, establish, activate and focus on multimedia knowledge, and make it available for educators and, most especially, for students.

Students who acquire skills with multimedia become active creators of content, not just passive end-users or viewers of prepackaged materials. As educators, we must have the resources to teach these fundamental skills and to effectively present and communicate ideas that provide all students with a broad range of technology skills. This site is organized exclusively for educational purposes, more specifically to:

  • Establish, maintain and / or link to a large group of resources for educators who use multimedia in the education process or those who teach multimedia.
  • Establish, maintain and / or link a large group of resources and tutorials for students of multimedia
  • Facilitate the establishment of National Performance Standards for multimedia education.
  • Update and more closely align ISTE Standards with the Six Trait Writing model.
  • Establish norms for educational infrastructure which supports multimedia education.

Multimedia Resource Center Newsletter

The Multimedia Resource Center will publish an electronic newsletter. The e-notes will be available twice yearly either by RSS subscription or by direct e-mail. it will contain important technical news (written by nationally known educators or other authoritative authors), and news which is important to educators. Click for an example of the Multimedia Resource Center e-Notes. Some of the materials may be moved and reused from the newsletter to areas of this site for a longer, more public viewing. To subscribe for delivery by direct email, please go to Subscription and follow directions.

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